31 Days to Clean


Been reading a recommended ebook... "31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way".  It's a 73 page book that guides you along the way to spring clean your house in 31 days, but that's actually the smallest (and weakest) part.  The main thrust is why to clean and organize, and how to give life to your home.  So far the most helpful part to me personally was learning why it's so difficult to keep up with housework and to stay on task.  The reason is because of the curse in Genesis … [Read more...]

Springtime Cleaning


Did April fly by, or what?  Well, it's springtime and with that comes the desire to clean.  Just the other day I realized how messy our home library is, and so I started working to dejunk it yesterday.  What a job it is moving books!  It's an aerobic workout!  I even hurt my wrist from lifting or pushing too many.  I have filled 2 huge boxes with homeschool books I plan to sit down and sell online once my girls are both off to work this summer.  Now, where to put those two huge boxes in the … [Read more...]