Season of Loss


It is a season of loss for our family. Carl's father died after a battle with cancer in April 2012, my father died in November at the age of 91, and just recently on August 28, Carl's mother died of cancer. We lost three of our parents in 16 months. Carl's mother's sickness and death came quickly. I'm sure she knew she was ill, but she didn't tell anyone or go to the doctor until two weeks before her death, when she couldn't eat and was in severe pain. Her death has affected us in many ways, but … [Read more...]

My Sis


Just wanted to say I love my sister. She was born mentally disabled and has emotional issues as well. My brother and I are now taking care of her. She can be quite a challenge, but she is also a sweetheart! Saturday I taught her how to make simple orange buns. Here she is icing them:   She says she wants to learn how to make more things because it gives her something to do. I love it when she shows interest in doing new things, because it is not typical. My wonderful dad took care of … [Read more...]

In Loving Memory


  The following was written by my daughter Suzette, in honor of her granddaddy, and was read at his funeral: ------------------------------ America's Greatest Generation showed us quite a few honorable ideals to imitate. Of that number, one in particular has captured my attention and has earned a place of greatness in my heart -- Thomas Burt. He gave honor to whom honor was due, as shown by his high regard for brave American soldiers before, during and after his own time on … [Read more...]

Looking For The Good

smile within frowns

My mother always looked for the good in people.  Even when others around her (including myself) would say something derogatory about someone else, her response would always be to say something good about them.  Even if I were to talk about Satan and how evil he is, she probably would have said, "Well, he certainly is persistent!"  Our pastor finds the good in people too, and it's one of my favorite things about him. Lately, I've heard much negative talk about others from people I know.  … [Read more...]