Heartland’s Comedy Night


As many of you know, Suzette and Tim attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City.  This is a video from Heartland's comedy night last school year.  Suzette brought home the entire show on DVD, and this is my favorite skit.  We've met and spent some time with a couple of the guys in this skit(the bean cooker and bean eater!), so it's all the more funnier for us because of that.  Just sharing a laugh! :D … [Read more...]

Stop-Motion Animation Video

Whitney at work

Suzette's at college in Oklahoma, I'm at home here in Virginia, and we're trying to work together on planning a wedding.  It's not easy to do, but because of modern technology... cell phones, email, sharing web links, etc., we can communicate back and forth and move forward in the planning process!  Wedding planning is a daunting experience, especially when the budget demands we do almost everything ourselves!  But I love planning.  I'm a pretty good planner, I'm just not always good at actually … [Read more...]