God Honoring Music


This is by Michael W. Smith, titled Song For The King, from his It's A Wonderful Christmas CD.  Christmastime or not, I absolutely LOVE this beautiful song. You may associate Michael with contemporary Christian music.  He is a very talented and versatile musician, and has written and arranged some outstanding orchestral music that shouldn't be missed.  Listen and let your soul be blessed. … [Read more...]

Sunset Hunt #2


Don't know if this qualifies as a true sunset picture, but I snapped this while sitting on the deck in my back yard.  The sun was coming through the trees and I decided to give it a try.  What 'cha think?  Kind of dreamy, huh?  But honestly, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing! … [Read more...]

Sunset Hunt #1


We went hunting for a good photo opportunity this evening... had fun trying to catch the sun before it said goodnight.  We arrived a little late, but found a decent view on the water in Enon.  We want to go sunset hunting again soon!  Here's the picture I caught.   … [Read more...]

I’m Learning!


I LOVE taking photos and then editing them to make them more beautiful.  I have much to learn, but am enjoying what I've been learning lately about masks.  Here's an example of how I took a picture of Whitney from Christmas and changed it from yellow and drab, to soft, bright and lovely.  First I used my program's auto balance feature to balance out the colors.  Then I used a mask to brighten her eyes a little, and a clone brush to fix some imperfections on her face.  I smoothed her skin a … [Read more...]

Photography Fun


Took a couple of pictures while Whitney and I were outside doing her history lesson yesterday.  I've been experimenting with photos... cropping and boosting color.  Look what I did!  Just sharing some silliness.  We have plenty around here to give away :) … [Read more...]