Beans & Cornbread


We've been working in the mornings to get our square foot garden prepped and planted, and so today I thought ahead about lunch and started a pot of pinto beans.  My good friend Darlene taught me how to make them perfect.  She adds a blend of whole grain rice, which makes them so good!  Ok, so a pot of hot beans and rice is probably more of a warming winter food, and who needs that after sweating in the garden, but it's delicious and economical and healthy!  It's also something I knew I could … [Read more...]

Heartland Music


I love excellent musicianship, and was brought up in a home surrounded by it.  My father instilled in me a love for fine music.  Here is a song from Heartland Baptist Bible College.  Their music is conservative southern gospel, accompanied by piano only.  Simple and well done.  The group is GloryBound, a mens' quartet, and Suzette's boyfriend Tim sings the lead part.  Be sure to listen for Tim singing solo on the second verse!  We're so proud of him (can you tell!?)  Enjoy this wonderful song … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Markets


We had a new experience this morning... went to two area farmer's markets!  Of course there were folks selling their garden produce, herbs, and flowers, but I was surprised to see vendors selling homemade soaps, breads, jewelry, and many other crafts.  There were also farmers selling clean meats , raw goat cheese, and free-range eggs.  We went to the Chester Farmer's Market, where I bought some swiss chard for our smoothies ($2), a bunch of cilantro ($2), and a quart of strawberries($4).  We … [Read more...]

Mexican-Style Hummus

I serve this with both fresh veggies and tortilla chips.  Eating it with the raw veggies helps the cooked beans digest better.  It's YUM-O.1 15ounce can pinto beans, drained and rinsed1/2 cup salsa 1 T. fresh lime juice2 t. extra virgin olive oil1 clove garlic, or to taste 1 t. ground cumin1/2 cup toasted pumpkin seeds 1/2 cup chopped cilantro, or to tastesalt, to taste Coarsely chop pumpkin seeds in food processor.  Set aside in a dish.  Process in food processor … [Read more...]

My Green Smoothie

I make these first thing every morning and send one in a quart ball jar with Carl to work.  Oh, and it's not green, it's purple.  It's called a green smoothie because of the healthy greens that are in it!  And if you're first starting out, use less greens and more fruit, gradually adding more greens each day.  Juicing and making green smoothies are two of the best things you can do for your health!   2 cups water splash of orange juice about 2 t. flax oil about 2-3 T. agave (or another … [Read more...]