Can’t See The Forest For The Trees


  I am reevaluating all the areas of my life.  I've been reading an online resource about life and time management and it's been a big help to me to see the big picture of my life... my values and many roles, and all that stems from them.  I created a mindmap and sent it to my hubby and he said I do have "a lot on my plate".  Here is my mindmap that shows the big picture of my life right now: I find mind mapping very rewarding.  I'm a thinker, and quite logical, and I worked as a … [Read more...]

In Loving Memory


  The following was written by my daughter Suzette, in honor of her granddaddy, and was read at his funeral: ------------------------------ America's Greatest Generation showed us quite a few honorable ideals to imitate. Of that number, one in particular has captured my attention and has earned a place of greatness in my heart -- Thomas Burt. He gave honor to whom honor was due, as shown by his high regard for brave American soldiers before, during and after his own time on … [Read more...]

The Challenge of Photo Editing


I love to take a photograph straight from a digital camera and make it more beautiful by editing it.  It can be very frustrating and defeating though when I just can't make it work.  But when I can, it's very rewarding.  Take this photo for example from Tim and Suzette's wedding.  James and Kelly, who are very good photographers, took this shot in our church sanctuary.  After seeing photos from several weddings taken in our sanctuary, I am beginning to wonder if ANY camera can get a good … [Read more...]