Heartland’s Comedy Night


As many of you know, Suzette and Tim attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City.  This is a video from Heartland's comedy night last school year.  Suzette brought home the entire show on DVD, and this is my favorite skit.  We've met and spent some time with a couple of the guys in this skit(the bean cooker and bean eater!), so it's all the more funnier for us because of that.  Just sharing a laugh! :D … [Read more...]

He Finally Got One!

Darth Carl

Carl has always joked about wanting a Darth Vader helmet that has the voice changer.  He already does a pretty good impersonation of Darth Vader, but our crazy Suzette bought him one this year off of ebay and shipped it to him for his birthday!  I don’t have to say he loved it :) … [Read more...]