Can’t See The Forest For The Trees


  I am reevaluating all the areas of my life.  I've been reading an online resource about life and time management and it's been a big help to me to see the big picture of my life... my values and many roles, and all that stems from them.  I created a mindmap and sent it to my hubby and he said I do have "a lot on my plate".  Here is my mindmap that shows the big picture of my life right now: I find mind mapping very rewarding.  I'm a thinker, and quite logical, and I worked as a … [Read more...]

Suzette’s Bridal Shower


Saturday was Suzette's bridal shower.  It was held on the lawn at our home church.  Jessica worked hard to make it a lovely event, and she was successful!  Heather was the perfect speaker.  She is THE most gracious lady I know.  She shared precious words of marriage wisdom with Suzette, and with all of us. I would write more, but I don't have time!  Here are only a few of the many pics:   … [Read more...]

A Wearisome Time

ball jars

Well, it's less than 8 weeks until the wedding, and we are no where near ready, but I suppose the wedding will take place regardless!  Having to do every project ourselves, on top of the recent death of Carl's father, our overpriced and stressful trip to Oklahoma, and my already overloaded schedule of caring for my dad...  I am far from being myself these days.   I've been a bit concerned about not receiving the "man help" we need for the wedding, but I know the Lord will provide.  He always … [Read more...]

Bridesmaid Dresses!


I am so excited about getting Suzette's bridesmaid dresses started!  Yesterday, three of the girls (the other three are in Oklahoma) had their measurements taken by our very talented seamstress, Tinia.  She is making the dresses with only a picture to go by.  It's a very interesting process.  She takes the measurements and makes a muslin dress.  After using that to get everything right, she uses it as a pattern.  Then she makes the actual dress.   And she does this whole process through the mail … [Read more...]